The boy and his Teddy bear adventures

Once upon a time there was a very happy boy, who enjoyed immense venturing out with is Teddy Bear.

He carried is Teddy Bear everywhere, because it was his best friend and a companion at all the times.

One day the boy was with his faithful friend, both lying on his bed at the room, and he said to his special friend:

Boy: – Teddy Bear do you want to go to the park with me?

Teddy Bear: – Yes, I want. What are we going to do at the park?

Boy: – I will take the bike and the skateboard. What do you think?

Teddy Bear: – Good, that is a wonderful idea. Let’s go then.

These two friends dressed and packed everything they will need for the ride to the park. Then both left from home and towards to the adventure.

To get to the park they still had to walk a little bit, the park was at ten minutes from home. Finally, they arrived at the park and decided to make a bike race to a place where there were many trees and flowers.

The day was fabulous, because was Spring, the sky was blue, and the sun shining in that amazing sky. They could hear the birds singing in the highest tree branches, which gave them peace and tranquillity and the same feeling for those who pass there.

Both friends decided to go out to venture among the trees, and try to explore the area around them. Then they discovered some insects that flew around the flowers, and some beautiful butterflies with different colours, also they saw several of different kinds of birds that flew were nearby. The two friends were excited and fascinated by they’re findings.

After so much excitement, finally they decided to rest a little bit to recover their energies. The boy opened his backpack and pulled out something to eat and drink.

They took a rest for a few moments, and after that they decided to do a race with the skates to see who was the fastest, both were quick, and they arrived at the same time to their destination.

The destination was the big lake that existed at the park and where they could wet their feet. While they had fun in the water they are talking, laughing a lot and throwing water to each other.

The day was coming to an end and they had to return home before dark.

The boy starts telling the Teddy Bear they need to leave the park and go home.

Boy: – We will have to go home before darks, because otherwise my mum and dad will be worried about us.

Teddy Bear: – Okay, let’s go home together my dear friend.

So, they did it and went home. They arrived home on time, after they were taking a bath together, and their bath they had a dinner.

They played together a little bit more until they go to sleep. Both played with a ball, and cars until they feel sleepy. Finally, they fell asleep clinging to each other.

The boy dreamed about new adventures, which he would do with his Teddy Bear. He dreamed with a train, a beach where they could swim together, and where they would made sand castles, dreamed with pirate boats, and a treasure map for them to do an amazing discover, among other adventures.

Thus, ended this little story between these two special friends that who never left each other.

The End