… “Forgiving someone is easy, it’s trusting them again that’s hard.”…


This sentence is really deeper without doubt, but not 100% real…!

Forgiving someone is easy…, but not all the times! Sometimes is easy, but other times are not. You can tell that kind of word in one moment, because it is a easier way.

Sometimes, if someone hurts you deeper you cannot forgive, at all…

The word forgive is easy, and you said from your mouth, but not from your heart.

That word it is a difficult one for me to accept it. I can tell to that person everything will be fine, after, but I am lying! Like that the word forgiving someone it is easy for you to say.

… Trusting them, or trusting someone after they hurts you deeper, will be really hard to trust them again.


The sentence is deep, and I copied from the internet, because it is interesting. That picture I attached, I saw from the internet and copied.

The rest of the text was wrote by myself.


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