Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

I started a challenge and I wrote my first kids book story, was not perfect, but what I learned with that was…, is not so easy like I thought it was…! I need to have more attention on it!

I wrote the story in two different languages English and Portuguese, I illustrated by myself too. The people who saw my book liked, they gave me advice and good tips for a better story.

The reason I am writing this blog it is another challenge for me. I start this blog because I love write and it is an opportunity for me to show my writing and imagination skills and abilities to the blog readers.

In this blog I will try write a different kind of stories and in two different languages.

I will use my imagination based in real stories and fantasy stories too. May be I can translate interesting pieces of stories I relying on and I like it too…, who knows…!? 😉

We will see if it works…!

I am a very open mind person, and I will accept positive advice, good tips, constructive criticism and comments from all of you from this blogging world…

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